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The Energy Web Atlas is a comprehensive source of actionable project intelligence for the international energy industry. Covering every aspect of the business, the ESRI-based GIS platform allows users to interrogate real-time project information, export and manipulate data, and secure the know-how needed to stay ahead of the competition.

The Energy Web Atlas’ flagship map includes detailed information on every LNG project, providing users with a single reference source for global LNG data. An additional map tracking US gas processing plants is available, equipping users with data and contacts for hundreds of facilities across the nation. Further maps covering renewable energy projects, downstream construction projects, and oil and gas pipeline infrastructure will be added to the Energy Web Atlas in 2018.

Developed by Gulf Publishing Company, the Energy Web Atlas draws on the data and experience of the industry’s leading trade journals— Hydrocarbon Processing, Gas Processing, Petroleum Economist, Pipeline & Gas Journal and World Oil — to give users the data they need to run their business.

This subscription-based product, which is updated in real time, allows customers to interact with the latest data. The Energy Web Atlas also allows customers to import their own data and incorporates the following features:

  • Advanced mapping, search and query tools
  • Custom annotation and symbol capabilities
  • Custom reporting, charting and graphing
  • Layer and attribute access and modification
  • Data exporting
  • Production quality maps and PDF exports
  • Interactive charts and statistics using dynamic data
  • Vessel and shipping information
  • Hyperlinks for additional information
Energy Web Atlas

The Energy Web Atlas’ Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) map is a comprehensive source of project/facility information.

Energy Web Atlas

The Energy Web Atlas’ US gas processing plant map is a comprehensive source of data for plants across the nation. The fully searchable platform contains data on nearly 600 plants.


Coming Q2 2018

Hydrocarbon Processing’s Construction Boxscore Database has been equipping the hydrocarbon processing industry with project intelligence for more than 60 years. The comprehensive global database, which is updated in real time, is being upgraded and incorporated into the Energy Web Atlas and will be available to clients in Q2 2018.

Covering active construction projects in the refining, petrochemical, natural gas and LNG industries, the platform equips management officials, engineers and marketing personnel with the tools and data they need for market research, trends analysis and prospecting.

The database is updated daily and includes detailed project information, such as the as companies associated with each project, key personnel, scope, and detailed project specifications.
Please contact J'nette Davis-Nichols.

Energy Web Atlas

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