China's growing gas demand: Key projects and market insight

Live webcast: 23 May 2018 | 3PM UTC / 11AM EST / 10AM CST
China is expected to be a major player for LNG in the Asia-Pacific region, which roughly consumes 53% of the world’s LNG. According to Hydrocarbon Processing’s HPI Market Data 2018, China is growing increasingly energy-hungry as its population and transport infrastructure expands. China’s demand from oil into natural gas & LNG has outpaced supply for several years, which has resulted in the need to improve the country’s natural gas and LNG infrastructure. The Chinese government already has initiatives in place to help feed its expected demand for natural gas and LNG.

  • But what about the country’s current production or recoverable assets?
  • What is China doing to develop its own gas and shale assets?
  • What are some key factors that may have an impact on the future of China’s expected demand growth?

  • Attend this webcast to hear from Hydrocarbon Processing's Lee Nichols, Editor and Energy Web Atlas’ Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor and Scott Allgood, Director of Data Services, as they discuss the state of natural gas and LNG in China and give an outlook via the Energy Web Atlas, a web-based GIS platform which allows users to track global industry developments.


    Mexico's unfolding natural gas transformation

    Recorded: 10 April 2018
    The global energy industry has seen how the shale boom turned the US into a leading gas producer and exporter. Much of the recent development in the Americas natural gas/LNG sector has been concentrated in the US Gulf Coast region, which is the key energy hub for much of the world. But what about Mexico?
    Mexico is in the midst of an energy revolution, but there hasn’t been much in the way of natural gas or LNG projects as of yet. Mexico has ample shale gas resources, the sixth largest in the world according to the US EIA, but limited production. Thanks to energy reforms over the past few years, Mexico has opened itself up for new developments and investment opportunities that can help meet growing demand. The potential is there, and the industry wants to know:

  • What does the current natural gas/LNG sector look like in Mexico?
  • What is the status of Existing, Planned and Under Construction Pipelines in Mexico?
  • What’s currently in development or being planned?
  • What’s the likelihood of these projects being completed?
  • And most importantly, what key factors should the industry be aware of?

  • Attend this webcast to hear from Energy Web Atlas’ Brian Balboa, Research Coordinator, Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor and Scott Allgood, Director of Data Services as they discuss the potential future of Mexico and answer the above questions by using the Energy Web Atlas platform, a web-based GIS platform, which allows users to track global industry developments.


    The New LNG Imperative

    Recorded: 29 November 2017
    The shale gas boom established the US as the world’s leading natural gas producer and is responsible for billions of dollars of investments in the US gas processing industry. Since 2012, the US has witnessed unprecedented growth in new gas processing capacity and infrastructure. This rise is due to greater production of domestic shale gas, which is providing cheap, available feedstock to fuel the domestic gas processing, LNG and petrochemical industries. New gas processing projects include the construction of billions of cubic feet per day of new cryogenic and gas processing capacity, NGL fractionators, multi-billion-dollar pipeline infrastructure projects, and the development of millions of tons per year of new LNG export terminal construction.

    View this webcast to hear from Lee Nichols, Editor/Associate Publisher, Hydrocarbon Processing, Scott Allgood, Director-Data Services, Energy Web Atlas and Peregrine Bush, Senior Cartographic Editor, Petroleum Economist as they discuss the future of LNG and the application of Energy Web Atlas, a web-based GIS platform which allows users to track real-time information for every LNG project.

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