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ENERGY WEB ATLAS™: World Pipeline Data

Visualizing Energy Data

The Energy Web Atlas’ World Pipeline map is a comprehensive source of data for hundreds of natural gas, crude and products transmission pipelines across the world. The web-based platform contains detailed information—including regularly updated direct contact details for key personnel—for over 5,000 pipelines and pipeline projects globally

This web-based platform, allows users to leverage up-to-date pipeline data (including project/line names, operator/shareholder, fuel type, origin and destination, length, diameter, capacity, description and full contact details), export data and create custom reports. The map also allows subscribers to zoom from a national overview to state-level and county-level detail for purposes of regional evaluation.

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Energy Web Atlas
Energy Web Atlas

Select a variety of basemaps, generate graphs and review project data all from the same application.

Energy Web Atlas



  • Scroll between national overview and detailed state-level infrastructure
  • Use the zoom functions to get to the projects that matter to you


  • Personalise the map view, via a wide range of filter widgets
  • Select and deselect the layers that are visible
  • Select different map views using the basemap gallery widget


  • Export maps for use in a variety of reports and presentation
  • Download vital data from the attribute tables for further analysis


  • Updated in real time, allowing customers to interact with the latest available data
  • Utilise the Query widget to obtain the latest data from our World pipelines database
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  • Drill down into our project-by-project information
  • Locations and routes of World pipeline projects are shown
  • Establish operators and shareholders for each pipeline
  • Search for existing, under construction and planned pipelines
  • Discover the contact information, such as address, telephone number and website
  • Discover the technical aspects, such as capacity, diameter and length

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Energy Web Atlas