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A DYNAMIC GEOSPATIAL MAPPING TOOL from Global Energy Infrastructure

The Energy Web Atlas geospatial product allows anyone interested in global oil and gas midstream or downstream to access unprecedented amounts of data in easy to use and intuitive platform. We have now added two new sets of data, firstly, Renewables including wind, solar and ocean based projects providing information to support the energy transition and secondly our Hydrogen set, vital to those interested in the future hydrogen economy.

From C-Suite executives to data hungry research analysts, the Energy Web Atlas platforms have a solution to deliver the information you need to make critical, timely decisions for capital allocation and strategy development.

The EWA platform that allows busy executives to quickly place a finger on global oil, gas, renewables and hydrogen developments using trusted data and accelerated analytics. EWA takes the time and guesswork out of breaking data into actionable intelligence and presents to the user a clean and easy to understand interface for accessing real-time project data globally.

Energy Web Atlas Subscription

What's available

In-development global downstream projects
Global LNG liquefaction (export) and regasification (import)
Global Hydrogen projects
Global renewables (including wind, solar and ocean based projects)
Global pipeline data (oil, products, gas and condensate)
US pipelines data (oil, products, gas and condensate)
US Gas compressor stations [on request]
Global oil and gas fields [on request]
Archived global downstream projects [on request]
NOTES Bespoke packages on request



Refining, Petrochemicals & Gas Processing: All projects globally regardless of capacity or current status, including expansions and modernization projects.
Hydrogen: All projects globally regardless of capacity or current status, including production facilities, research facilities, demonstration plants, as well as industrial and transportation applications.
LNG: All projects globally involved in the international trade of LNG (this excludes peak-shaving plants), with a minimum status of speculative. Editorial judgement is taken where multiple location options are put forward for a single project.


Pipelines: All projects globally with a pipeline diameter no less than 8” for crude oil, oil products, natural gas and condensate, with a minimum status of planned. Editorial judgement is taken where multiple route options are put forward for a single project. Pipeline dataset divided into 4 categories: US oil, US gas, International oil (which included products pipelines and excludes United States), and International gas (excludes United States)


Solar: All utility-scale projects (Photovoltaic [PV] & Concentrated Solar Power[CSP]), considered to be 50MW installed capacity and above, globally regardless of current status. Exceptions are made in some regions where a smaller capacity may still be considered a significant project for the resource (Eg. Africa).
Wind: All utility-scale projects (onshore & offshore), considered to be 50MW installed capacity and above, globally regardless of current status.
Ocean: All projects globally (Wave & Tidal) regardless of capacity or current status, including demonstration plants and pilot projects.


Research is carried out by teams located in Houston, London and Mumbai. All data is collected from a variety of original sources, including company websites, annual reports, press releases, and social media posts. Care is taken to verify the data as thoroughly as possible. Our aim is to revisit all projects on a quarterly basis to maintain the credibility of the data.

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Select a variety of basemaps, generate graphs and review project data all from the same application.

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