December 2019
Price: $2,995.00
Product Code: EWANGI2020

As Europe’s dependency on natural gas reaches all-time highs, the demand on Europe’s natural gas transmission infrastructure continues to draw more focus. Amid steep year-over-year declines in natural gas production, the continent is increasingly reliant on LNG imports and international pipelines to supply key regions. Key restraints remain in areas where import capacity has insufficient access due to growth in demand. Emerging demand factors, remote upstream developments and a push for lower carbon fuels provides a context for midstream infrastructure investment.

In this report, the following will be discussed:

  • The implications for managing the supply of natural gas in Europe to consumers
  • Areas where a conflux of issues may lead to a gas transmission system shortfall and look at the potential of capital investments
  • Regional natural gas transmission capacity and import facility capacities compared to the prospects of domestic supply and growing demand centers
  • Areas that require additional investment by midstream operators and the implications of this for the broader gas dynamics of Europe
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